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Spartanburg is a vibrant community featuring a multi-cultural environment and much more — compliments of our status as the international business leader of the South. From award-winning schools and seven colleges to lush parks and the nearby Blue Ridge Mountains, Spartanburg has every amenity.

Our revitalized downtown showcases the perfect blend of shops, restaurants and historic as well as new office buildings. The final touches for our master plan are shaping the heart of the city — reflecting our rich Southern past, while tempting you with the latest in shopping and global cuisine. To access the Spartanburg Area Chamber of Commerce 2014-2015 Quality of Life Guide online, please click here.

Below are just a few highlights that demonstrate what a GREAT place Spartanburg is!

There's Only One Spartanburg!

Way to Wellville

"Seeing Spartanburg in a New Light" Documentary


“An invaluable tool to help entrepreneurs and businesses launch, build, expand, and reorganize”
Spark Center SC
“South Carolina Ports Authority celebrates 5 Year Anniversary of Inland Port Greer”
Inland Port Greer
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