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Interstates and Highways

Located at the “Crossroads of the New South,” Spartanburg is nestled at the intersection of two of the most traveled interstates in the nation – I-85 and I-26. Running through Spartanburg County, Interstate I-85 is the main artery for business and industry and has been called the ‘Boom Belt’ to the ‘Southern Autobahn,’ because of the high concentration of international business located along the corridor. I-85 stretches from Richmond, VA to Atlanta, GA and southern Alabama and connects the Southeast with the Northeast. I-26, running east-west, threads through the center of Spartanburg — providing quick and easy access to the SC ports.


“An invaluable tool to help entrepreneurs and businesses launch, build, expand, and reorganize”
Spark Center SC
“South Carolina Ports Authority celebrates 5 Year Anniversary of Inland Port Greer”
Inland Port Greer
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