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Critical decisions made at the very beginning of every capital development project have major significance for the overall success of the project. The site selection decision has a dramatic impact on almost every facet of the design and construction process. The site affects the organization; massing; functionality; sustainability; operational and economic efficiency; security; and last, but certainly not least, the aesthetic qualities of the building.

The site selection is a “life cycle" decision that recognizes the balance among the initial cost of the real estate, the overall cost of executing the project, and the cost of operating the facility. It also recognizes the benefit (or cost) to the local community and the environment. While the initial cost may be a significant driver, all factors must be considered in order to make the right decision.

Our team of economic development professionals are prepared to assist you throughout the site selection process. We want to help you find the perfect location for your business. All inquiries are kept confidential. Property search options on the sidebar (LocateSC and EFG Search) can be used to identify potential buildings and/or sites for your business. Use the links below (or on the sidebar) for specific property location and mapping functions. 

If you don’t find what you’re looking for, please give us a call at 864.594.5000 so that we can provide additional assistance! The Economic Futures Group stands ready to assist you with support and information in making the right location decision.

Industrial Parks

  • 101 Business Park
  • B&H Industrial Park
  • Bryant Business Park
  • Caliber Ridge North
  • Caliber Ridge Park
  • Compark
  • Corporate Center
  • Cowpens Industrial Park
  • Fairforest Business Park
  • Flatwood Industrial Park
  • Gateway Industrial Park
  • Gibbs International Park
  • Global Commerce Park
  • Herald Journal Park
  • Hillside Enterprise Park
  • Hillside Industrial Park
  • Orchard Park
  • Ridgeview
  • Southwest Industrial Park
  • Spartan Exchange Park
  • Smith Farms Industrial Park
  • SpartanGreen
  • Tyger River Industrial Park
  • Tyger River Industrial Park North
  • Tyger River Industrial Park South
  • Upstate Corporate Park
  • Velocity Park
  • Wingo Park


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