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The Economic Futures Group, commonly referred to as the "EFG", is the economic development organization for Spartanburg County, South Carolina and all of its municipalities. Formerly known as Spartanburg Economic Development Corporation (SEDC), the EFG is working to drive the international business movement in the Southeast. EFG’s target industries – automotive, plastics, metalworking and distribution – are reflective of existing industries as well as sectors expected to perform well economically in the area.


The Economic Futures Group has consistently been named to a list of the country’s top economic development groups (2014, 2012, and 2010) by Site Selection magazine as part of its annual "Best to Invest Rankings". According to the magazine, economic development groups are ranked according to four objective categories: new jobs, new jobs per 10,000 residents, new investment amounts and new investment per 10,000 residents. Additional criteria include: the creativity of economic development strategy, scope of project activity and documenting the link between the economic development organization and actual results.

Year Capital Investment Jobs
2019 $340,226,687 751
2018 $779,539,000 2,094
2017 $885,310,000 1,789
2016 $555,300,000 1,300
2015 $479,467,360 1,999
2014 $2,327,950,000 2,114
2013 $112,587,650 1,211
2012 $1,026,900,000 1,178
2011 $269,600,000 964
2010 $92,779,000 1,428
“An invaluable tool to help entrepreneurs and businesses launch, build, expand, and reorganize”
Spark Center SC
“More than 2.5 Million Square Feet of New Industrial Space Available Now”
Spartanburg County Economic Development
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