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EFG Launches Corporate Development Strategy

Published Wednesday, November 14, 2018

The Economic Futures Group (EFG) announces its corporate development strategy, and names Jansen Tidmore as EVP of Corporate and Urban Development. 

Representing nearly $5 billion in investment since 2013, EFG leads the region and state in total investment. The OneSpartanburg community and economic development strategy acknowledged this success but also identified the need to grow and diversify Spartanburg’s economy through its strengths by positioning Spartanburg County to attract and retain higher-wage jobs.

In response to this recommendation, the Economic Futures Group and OneSpartanburg hired national economic development strategists Avalanche Consulting to develop a comprehensive corporate development strategic plan. The plan identifies target audience opportunities and provides a performance scorecard and year-by-year actions to increase the competitiveness and marketability of Spartanburg County as a premier destination for corporate-related business.

Click here for a summary of the corporate development strategy is available here.

“We are excited about the plan for Spartanburg County to grow diverse employment opportunities in the corporate workforce arena,” said Ethan Burroughs, Spartanburg market president for Wells Fargo and vice chair of economic development at the Spartanburg Chamber. “The focused process of delivering higher wage jobs to the community will be a long one, but I’m most confident that this plan enables EFG to work with our partners, track down and seize every opportunity as quickly as possible.”

Based on defined staffing needs within the plan, EFG named Jansen Tidmore as executive vice president of corporate and urban development. Currently serving as executive vice president of the Downtown Development Partnership, Tidmore will expand his scope to serve as the lead for the new countywide corporate recruitment action plan, while continuing to manage economic development efforts in Downtown Spartanburg in conjunction with public and private sector allies.

Allen Smith, president and CEO of the Spartanburg Chamber, states “Jansen’s immediate experience with managing Spartanburg’s downtown economic development efforts through the Downtown Development Partnership will enable him to successfully execute the corporate development strategic plan and deliver on the performance metrics crucial to the success of the entire county.”

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