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Pool Cover Industry Flows from Meyco's Spartanburg County Facility

Published Tuesday, March 12, 2019 7:00 am

 The heart of the pool cover industry sits just off Highway 221 in Spartanburg County.

Meyco Products Inc. makes pool covers, many of which are custom, and ships them around the country. Founded in 1898 as a flag and awning manufacturer, Meyco finalized a patent on a swimming pool cover in 1957. Since 1988, Meyco has been manufacturing those proprietary covers at their facility, which sits along Highway 221, not quite to Woodruff.

“Our founder, Fred Meyer, his son, Fred Meyer, Jr., actually holds the patent on the very first safety pool cover, so we started the entire industry, basically,” said Tiffany Hughes, marketing director at Meyco. “Our founder saw a need, developed a design and patented it.”

All the company’s manufacturing is done at the Moore plant despite Meyco’s corporate headquarters being in New York.

“To be able to join the ranks of such companies as BMW, as a Milliken, the big textile industries that actually built Spartanburg, it’s so exciting to be a part of that history,” Hughes said. ‘It’s great to be a part of that heritage in Spartanburg.”

Each Meyco cover comes with a detailed plan outlining its specific length, width, material type and more. Two separate sewing processes bring each cover together once its blueprint is finalized and the materials have been cut. The first sew is done by-hand for the bigger, simpler stitches. The second sew is handled mechanically for smaller, harder-to-handle stitches.

“A majority of what we do is custom. We do some plain, rectangle-shaped covers, but most of what we do is totally custom,” said Mark Jones, Meyco operations manager.

Finished covers are stretched out for inspections. Those with an eye for detail look to ensure correct dimensions along with the appropriate number of snaps and pieces allowing the cover to be secured atop a pool when it’s not in use.

More than a decade ago, Meyco purchased TopTec tents, which was headquartered in Laurens County, adding event and wedding tents to Meyco’s portfolio. Tent manufacturing was moved to the Moore facility soon after.

“We like to say if you’ve been to an outdoor event in Spartanburg County, you’ve probably been under a TopTec tent,” Hughes said.

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