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PECTEC's Success in Spartanburg Driven by Narrow Focus

Manufacturer Thrives in Upstate Automotive Cluster

Published Friday, July 12, 2019 12:00 pm

Every car that rolls off an assembly line is filled with thousands intricate parts that aren’t as easy to pick out as a windshield or a tire.

That’s where PECTEC comes in.

From the company’s 40,000-square-foot manufacturing facility tucked away on Corporate Drive, just removed from Business 85, PECTEC supplies finished and semi-finished metal products – mostly aluminum – for the automotive industry. PECTEC’s products serve as heat reflectors and sound absorbers inside the cars they’re put into.

“We sell a pretty minute part of the car. Ninety-nine percent of the people don’t even know the part is there, but it’s saving them from a roar in the car so they can talk to their kids in the backseat,” said Josh Mathis, production supervisor at PECTEC.

PECTEC initially came to Spartanburg in 2015 with a $2 million investment and 15 new jobs. The operation has grown since then – a testament to Spartanburg County’s ever-thriving automotive manufacturing cluster – as PECTEC now has some 25 employees.

The company specializes in foils and sheets of aluminum and alloys that are used for covering transitions, insulators on indoor panels in the car and more.

“A lot of people have a misconception of what we do here. We don’t smelt or anything like that, we don’t iron our own ore. We process aluminum for automotive,” said Micah Israel, operations manager. “We buy the coils raw or with adhesive, we run it through our machines, we can perforate, which puts more of an acoustic property to absorb sound in the vehicle.”

PECTEC’s product range includes:

  • Plain aluminum foils, strips and sheets
  • Adhesive coated aluminum foils
  • Embossed aluminum foils, strips and sheets
  • Micro-perforated aluminum foils
  • High-grade stainless-steel foils
  • Customized die-cut and pre-formed metal foils upon customer request
  • Any other metal foils like Copper or Titanium zinc upon customer request

As automakers around the globe have become more environmentally-minded, cars with a smaller carbon footprint have become commonplace. PECTEC works to produce products that capitalize on efforts to reduce CO2 emissions, and the demand for aluminum as lightweight material with multifunctional purposes has increased.

PECTEC has benefited from being immersed in Spartanburg’s automotive manufacturing ecosystem. The proximity to suppliers and customers has helped the business thrive, Israel said.

“It’s a lot easier to help us source locally, and we have a lot better range being able to help the customer being so close too. They have ups and downs with releases, requirements, it’s a lot easier to transport the parts, too.”

“We drive boxes of parts there probably five times a month,” Mathis added.

PECTEC’s success has led to one upsizing, and is likely to lead to another expansion in the coming years. Israel said the company will likely be at its current location for several more years, but the company will look for land to build a larger manufacturing center with more machines and an expanded employee base within the next few years.

“It’s fast-paced. Things change every hour, sometimes within the hour most day,” Mathis said. “People don’t understand why their car costs so much, but the OEM put so much work into it.”

“We stay pretty busy, which isn’t usually a bad thing,” Israel said.

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