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Medical Innovation Surging in Spartanburg County

Published Wednesday, November 13, 2019 3:00 pm
by Zach Fox

Chances are, if you know Spartanburg County, you know of the historic and innovative manufacturing sector that calls our county home. But what you may not know is countywide, medical innovation is at an all-time high, with Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System providing an established medical care cornerstone, and new cutting-edge startups taking hold.

Companies bringing fresh looks and ideas to everything from health care to organ transplants to the intersection of health and technology call Spartanburg home.

One of the companies gaining steam in Spartanburg and beyond is Core Care Solutions.

Launched in 2012, the company designed an infrastructure that applies an individualized, highly-efficient approach that makes it easy for medical providers to identify risk factors, gaps in patient care, and additional services patients may be eligible for.

Core Care Solutions aims to get patients more easily through the Medicare process with a tablet-based software that includes an interview with specific questions to capture important patient data.

“They’re preventive services but not necessarily physicals. They’re the identification of risk factors. It’s a push for lower health care costs based on early detection,” said Core Care CFO Stan McDaniel.

“The word is really, we give them the infrastructure to offer these services,” added company CEO Nils Bouwmeester.

Roughly 48 million people each year are served by Medicare, and over the next decade, more than 10,000 people will turn 65 – the age you can start using Medicare benefits – daily. That statistic prompted Bouwmeester and McDaniel to look at solutions for Medicare patients needing better preventative care, and identification of risk factors.

“We are continually adding features to our products, such as in-depth reporting, and developing a more intuitive version of our tablets for patients and practice staff. We’re having exciting conversations with local Spartanburg entities such as ReGenesis Health Centers and Sharpen Minds about how we can further serve the community. We are also investigating new markets and assisting the needs of Federal Qualified Health Centers (FQHC),” Bouwmeester said.

Global Transplant Solutions works to make sure the human organ transplant marketplace has the most up-to-date materials and products. Their work is especially important considering the crucial role organ transplants play in the lives of the patients undergoing them.

The company, with offices in Duncan and Columbia, has earned several U.S. Food and Drug Administration clearances to distribute in the U.S., along with its Canadian business.

Global Transplant Solutions was previously a recipient of the South Carolina Research Authority’s S.C. Launch Program, which provided them with $200,000 to finalize sales, develop additional proprietary products, and further the company’s research efforts.

“The work Global Transplant Solutions does isn’t something that garners a lot of attention, but it’s an innovative medical technology that adds diversity to the county economy, which is never a bad thing,” said Dwayne Hatchett, director of existing industry for the Economic Futures Group. “Over the years we’ve seen Spartanburg grow into a significant player when it comes to health care, medical practice and technology, and Global Transplant Solutions is absolutely a piece of that.”

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